Positive Psychology Coaching, Resilience Training and Organization

  Helping you maximize your personal and professional potential using the latest research and tools from positive psychology.

Create a home and life you love!

Meet Annmarie


Well hello there!

I'm Annmarie, and I'm a certified life coach, resilience trainer and professional organizer.  In all three roles, I integrate the science of positive psychology to help my clients reach their goals and create a life and home they love.

I offer one-on-one life coaching, as well as workshops to develop the mental, emotional, physical and social/spiritual skills of resilience. I can also help you organize your home and manage your time and energy to support the wonderful life you wish to create!

I can't wait to meet you!


What is Positive Psychology?

Positive Psychology is the science of wellbeing and human flourishing.  It’s a scientific and professional movement that brings together the latest research in neuroscience, mindfulness, contemplative studies, and holistic medicine.  It explores the factors that allow individuals and communities to thrive.  Are you ready to learn how positive psychology can help you flourish?


Positive Psychology based Life Coaching


Bounce Back Better® Resilience Training


Professional Home and Office Organizing



"I cannot speak highly enough of my time spent being coached by Annmarie. Working with her, I've discovered confidence in both my professional and personal life, and have taken steps towards reaching my short and long term goals. 

Annmarie's approach is thoughtful, warm and perceptive. She asks thought-provoking questions and creates a safe place for me to explore the answers. She is a great listener who guides you to discovery in a supportive and genuine way." 

-- Sofi Biviano, Public Relations, New York City


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